In a constantly evolving world, organizations need to adapt to new environments. We work with companies and institutions on their journey towards digital transformation.

In BeTheDriver, we are specialists in digital transformation.
We develop tailor-made solutions that allow companies and organizations to be innovative in what they do.
We strive to become their strategic partner, contributing to their growth through our continuous learning approach.


Urimare is an online education company for children and youth in Peru. We collaborated with them to develop their e-learning platform using advanced technologies, aiming to provide a high-quality learning experience for their users.

Plataforma entreriosexporta.com

This portal meets the need expressed by the Government of the Province of Entre Ríos, along with the Business Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Stock Exchange, the Grain Exchange, the Industrial Union, and other entities, to have an agile and efficient tool to promote the exportable supply of products and services generated in the province.


We work with this company in the transition from their print magazine to a digital format by creating the website www.exmrevista.com.
This process led to the development of an online store optimized for all types of devices, where readers can purchase the magazine, view it, and read articles for free.


Through the Odoo tool, we built an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with a special emphasis on the production module.
This module allows the company to manage the Bill of Materials, issue manufacturing orders, control inventory, and schedule work orders, among many other options.


Our teams developed a user-friendly marketplace for Buggy, where users can buy and sell products and services through their mobile application.
This digital solution enables Buggy to become an agile and secure company, providing delivery services for purchases made by users to fulfill their needs conveniently and quickly.

Gobierno de La Pampa

Through a public bidding process, we were awarded the contract to develop software for the new Salary Settlement System of the province of La Pampa. With an estimated duration of 18 months, this project is being carried out using a microservices-oriented digital architecture framework. It is a clear example of the positive impact that digital transformation can have on both the public administration and citizens.